We offer your animal companion:

  • 30-minute appointments to give your pet the most complete physical exam and veterinary care
  • All commonly available vaccinations to insure your pets health and wellness
  • Full in-house pharmacy, flea/tick and heart worm preventatives
  • In-house laboratory to perform blood chemistries, hematology, urine and parasite exams.
  • In-house blood testing for tick born illnesses (I.e. Lyme disease) and many other infectious agents
  • Veterinary prescription diets available from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Purina and Royal Canin to support your pets nutritional needs
  • Routine spays and neuters
  • Local and general anesthesia
  • Dentistry and other surgical procedures scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • In-house x-ray, EKG, pulse oximetry and anesthesia monitoring
  • IV fluid therapy
  • Pain management
  • Full line of veterinary nutraceuticals
  • Laser therapy for pain/inflammation and to improve healing
  • Measure of intra-ocular pressures to test for glaucoma
  • Hospitalization provided for animals needing critical care

Phone consultations provided with board certified veterinary internists, cardiologists, and oncologists

  • Chemotherapy provided for various forms of cancer
  • Emergency services available after hours for regular clients up to 9pm